Film Credits

David Bromberg Unsung Treasure
Bending musical genres, collaborating with Dylan, Harrison, Garcia, and other greats, for the first time, we take an in depth look at New York Americana musician, David Bromberg’s rise to fame and contribution to music history.  The film looks beyond Bromberg’s disappearance in 1980 to become a full-time violinmaker, collector and appraiser, as well as his return to performing and promoting the arts and music scene of Wilmington, De. his adopted home town. A master guitarist conversant in blues, folk, country, bluegrass and rock, Bromberg resurfaces with esteemed friends such as Levon Helm, Vince Gill, and Dr. John.  These stories unfold over vibrant and soulful music that tell its own engaging narrative: a life worth living and a body of work worth pursuing. Click to read Review and interview with David

In God We Teach
Film maker Vic Losick tells the story of Matthew LaClair, a student at Kearny (NJ) public high school who secretly recorded his history teacher (David Paszkiewicz) in class, and accused him of proselytizing for Jesus. After approaching the local school board for redress and receiving none LaClair took his secret recordings to the media. When these recordings were made public, the story exploded, engulfing not just Kearny, but rippling across America as well. The teacher, in danger of losing his job strenuously denied it. The specifics of the controversy lead directly to the church and state arguments that are in the news this election year. With Stephen Colbert, Alan Dershowitz, Neil deGrasse Tyson and others.

Heart of Stone
The City of Newark fights it's way back to former glory in this hard hitting Documentary. Won the "Audience Award" for Best Documentary at the Slamdance Film Festival and the Kaiser Permanente "Thrive" Award at the upcoming Cinequest Film Festival. Click for more info.

When We Were Kings
Mohammed Ali wins fight and hearts in trip to Africa.
Winner Academy Award Best Documentary, 1996.Read review in NY Times

Like Water for Chocolate
Touching and romantic tale told by Alfonso Arau. Read review in NY Times

Two Girls and a Guy
A film by James Toback with Heather Graham and Robert Downey Jr. Read review in NY Times

Hav Plenty
A film written and directed by and starring Chris Cherot
produced by Sundance/Miramax.

Desolation Angels
Tim McCann, director. This feature became the darling of Jonathan Demme. Presently in video release.

Manchester United - The Movie
A fascinating look into the on and off field exploits of the worlds most successful sports franchise. Produced by Bombo Sports and Entertainment for Mel Gibson’s Icon Entertainment, premiered in the UK.

Last Dance
A feature documentary on the stormy collaboration between the dance company Pilobolus and author-illustrator Maurice Sendak. Premiered at The Jewish Film Festival.Read review in NY Times

Soul in the Hole
Feature documentary about street basketball

Going Nomad
“A regular guy searches for his groove” by Art Jones.

La Tropical
Music and dance film that goes behind the scenes at a
club outside Havana. David Turnley, director. Read Review in NY Times  - See Clip

Indie Feature, Blue Kraning, Director. Ben Barenholtz, Producer.

Jersey Guy
Indie feature. Elia Zois, director.

Trivia Town
The little film about the world's biggest trivia contest.

Praying With Lior
Feature documentary by Ilana Trachtman focuces on the phenomenon of a boy with Down Syndrome consideres a "spiritual genius" for his boundless enthusiasm for prayer and professed comminication with God. Read review in Variety

Indie Feature by Dave Ebmeier, line producer Irene Mogollon.