Bill Markle Audio offers a complement of services which enables you as a TV or Film producer to put all your audio needs into the hands of one reliable professional.

We begin with whatever sounds you have and make them better. With a pallete of high tech tools, we get rid of unwanted sounds like clicks and pops and other nasty artifacts. We improve transitions and clean up background noise.

Then we take stock of where we are, and work with you to design a sound experience appropriate for your project. This might include recording Voice Over, providing Music and EFX, and more.

We take the drudgery out of the mixing process by doing the detail work when you're not around. This means that mixing becomes more of a "tweaking process" and less tedious and time consuming.

Providing the Deliverables for your client is a snap because we've worked for just about all of the networks and already know what they need.

In short, we provide an excellent audio service at an affordable price that you can budget in advance and we can stick to!